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St Mary's C of E

School Bideford

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 Bitterns - Kingfishers!


Spring Term

Over the past few weeks we have been being scientists. We have looked at a range of trees and flowers, naming them and drawing, naming and labelling the different parts.

We have done many Easter related crafts, including making pom-pom chicks, and nests made from shredded paper. Our writing has been Easter related in the form of Easter poems.
We have developed our computing skills by programming and debugging the Beebot. We had to plan and predict his route to help him find his way from one flower to another. Sometimes we made errors in our programming and needed to correct our mistakes.


Over the past few weeks, out focus in Year 1 has been ‘Space’. We have made rockets in a range of ways, practiced counting down to zero, written a list of items we would take to the moon, and learnt about Neil Armstrong. This culminated in our visit to the ‘Explorer Dome’. We found out that the moon is NOT made of cheese!
During PE, we have continued developing our footballing skills with Pete.
We have been reading and following instructions, including making our own playdough!

This week we have been starting our Space topic, and we have been focusing on aliens. In particular, the book Aliens Love Underpants. This has been our theme for World Book Day. The children have developing their artistic skills through a range of art techniques, including printing underpants!
In maths, we have been continuing learning about number bonds to 20 and subtraction within 20.
In English, we have been reading and adapting the story No-Bot the robot with no bottom. The children have been learning about how to use question marks and exclamation marks and how they can use these in their writing. 
Our outdoor PE has now moved on to learning the skills for football.

This week we have been finishing off our class book, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. This has led us on to making our own medicines and potions and following and writing instructions. We have talked about why instructions are important, and had some amusement when thinking about things that can go wrong if we do not follow them!


We had a little visitor. One of the children has a pet African pygmy hedgehog who came in to see us. We all thought he was very cute, and we had a question and answer session to find out how he is cared for.


In maths, we have been using number frames and number lines to help us with number bonds to 20. We have been using our knowledge of number bonds to help us with simple subtraction problems.


We have continued to enjoy developing our gross motor and teamwork skills in the outdoor construction area.

Through their independent learning, the children have shown a real interest in creating their own café and restaurant role play and this inspired us to create our own Foundation Stage restaurant. The children have been busy making cakes, designing flower arrangements, practicing their waiting skills and deciding upon a name. The week paid off with parents and relatives visiting the restaurant and the children displayed impeccable manners and etiquette. We are very proud of all of them.


Over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to go to the Appledore Arts Studio, where the children made rockets. They decorated them using wax crayons and a wash of paint. Then with help, joined the pieces together.



We have been learning about money. In our toy shop role play we have been using coins in a practical way and during our maths session we have been developing our ability to recognise coins and their value.



We have also thoroughly enjoyed learning skills for playing tennis in PE.



Our topic for this first few weeks is ‘Toys’. We are currently relating this to materials and recycling.
In our Toy Shop role play, we have talked about, and used money. We also display the toys in the shop according to what they are made of.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being creative in our new make and create area, using recyclable materials to develop our creativity. We have worked individually, in pairs or in small groups.



We have spent some time sorting recyclable materials in class and outside in our recycling centre role play. We have talked about why we need to recycle in order to look after our planet.

Autumn Term.

Continuing our Arctic theme, we have talked about how we would survive in the extreme conditions if we wanted to be explorers.



We have started exploring the different ways in which we celebrate Christmas within our own families. We found that whilst most of us share traditions, some of us do things differently. We have thoroughly enjoyed making Christmas decorations.


We have learned about the Nativity, the characters involved and the sequence of events. We have been preparing for our School Nativity Play and have enjoyed learning the new songs and actions.



Last week, we learned about British animals and what happens to them during the winter. We thought about what it would be like to live in a burrow and discussed new vocabulary, such as camouflage and nocturnal.



This week we have been focussing on animals who live in the Arctic and Antarctica. We have talked about how the animals survive the cold weather and moved on to what we would need if we were to become explorers.



We have talked about changes in the weather and have become weather forecasters in our own Year 1 weather station.



The children have been inspired by our history topic of Guy Fawkes. They have learned about the Houses of Parliament and how parliament works. Some children worked together to build the Houses of Parliament using recyclable materials.



Last week we talked about Remembrance Day and made poppies for our display.



In P.E., the children have started to learn how to play hockey. So far, they have learned how to hold the hockey stick correctly and how to dribble the ball under control.



This week we are starting to talk about seasonal changes as we move into Winter. We will be discussing how the weather varies in different parts of the UK and worldwide weather; moving on to animal habitats and seasonal behaviour such as hibernation and migration.


Over the last few weeks we have been exploring autumn. We sorted the leaves and named the trees from which they came.
This week we started learning facts about Guy Fawkes and the time in which he lived. We even tried writing about the sights and sounds of bonfire night using quills!

In Year 1 we have been exploring the topic of ‘All About Me’.
We have labelled and talked about parts of our body, and what we use them for. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing photographs of ourselves as babies, and our families. We have also had a visit from Asda Man, who talked to us about a range of healthy foods.

Over the last few weeks, we have been continuing our topic on ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’.


We have had a science focus this week and the children have been making boats out of plasticine, then testing them in the water tray. We talked about what makes things float and sink, and what they may need to adjust to make their boat more successful. We have also been talking about electricity, and the children have had the opportunity to explore and create electrical circuits.


We have been talking about Grace Darling, who lived in a lighthouse and managed to save nine people from drowning in the sea. The children have been re-enacting the story in role play, and using their hand made puppets in the puppet theatre.

In maths, we have been measuring the height of lighthouses, and discussing and using size words. We have also been thinking about number bonds to 10.


Next week we will be moving on to our new topic of ‘All About Me’.

The children have now settled very well into their new classes. Our current topic is based around the book ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage.



We have talked about the characters and the main features of the story, and the children have re-enacted it using small world play.



We have designed and made our own lighthouses using recyclable materials and a range of resources for sticking and joining. Once they are ready, we will be painting them.



Over the next few weeks the children will be designing and making sandwiches, gaining an understanding of how and why we use pulleys and using a range of resources for measuring height.